Five Foreign Policy Terms You Must Know

1. Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the practice of managing international relations through dialogue and negotiation. It involves the use of communication between representatives of states or international organizations to resolve conflicts, establish agreements, and promote mutual interests.

2. Sanctions

Sanctions are restrictive measures imposed by one or more countries against a target country, group, or individual to achieve foreign policy objectives. These can include trade barriers, financial restrictions, travel bans, and more.

3. Soft Power

Soft power refers to the ability of a country to influence others through cultural appeal, values, and policies rather than through coercion or military force.

4. Realpolitik

Realpolitik is a pragmatic approach to foreign policy that emphasizes practical and material factors over ideological or ethical considerations. It involves making decisions based on the national interest and the realities of power rather than on ideals or moral principles.

5. Bilateralism and Multilateralism

involves direct relations between two countries, focusing on mutually agreed-upon goals, such as trade agreements or defense pacts.