AI Imagines G-5 Solar Storm Effects on Indian Cities

Disruption of Power Grids:

G-5 solar storms can induce geomagnetically induced currents (GICs) in power transmission lines, potentially causing widespread blackouts.

Communication Disruptions:

Solar storms can interfere with satellite communications and disrupt radio transmissions, impacting telecommunications networks and navigation systems.

Risk to Electronic Devices:

Solar storms can increase the levels of radiation in the Earth's atmosphere, posing a risk to sensitive electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and medical equipment.

Impact on Transportation:

Disruptions to communication and navigation systems could affect transportation networks, including air travel, maritime shipping, and ground transportation.

Potential for Auroras:

In regions closer to the Earth's poles, G-5 solar storms can lead to dazzling auroras, visible even in some parts of India during extreme events.