5 Most Popular Wikipedia Pages Globally


The Wikipedia page for ChatGPT topped the list with over 49 million views. Interest in artificial intelligence and this specific chatbot, developed by OpenAI, was a significant driver of traffic

Deaths in 2023:

This page, which tracks notable deaths throughout the year, was the second most-viewed with around 42.7 million views. It reflects the public's interest in notable figures who passed away during the year

2023 Cricket World Cup:

With cricket's immense popularity, especially in South Asia, this event garnered significant attention, earning over 38 million views. It highlights the global reach and fanbase of cricket

Indian Premier League:

Another cricket-related entry, the Indian Premier League (IPL), amassed over 32 million views. The league's exciting matches and high-profile players contribute to its widespread popularity

Oppenheimer (film):

The film about the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, received more than 28 million views. The combination of historical interest and the film's success drove significant traffic to its page