5 Animals That Are Illegal to Pet in the USA

Big Cats (Lions, Tigers, Leopards)

These animals are classified as dangerous wild animals. They pose significant safety risks due to their size, strength, and predatory instincts.

Non-Human Primates (Chimpanzees, Monkeys)

Primates are highly intelligent and social animals that require complex care and environments. They can also pose health risks to humans due to the potential transmission of diseases like herpes B virus.

Wolves and Wolf Hybrids

Wolves and wolf hybrids (crosses between wolves and domestic dogs) are considered wild animals. They retain wild instincts and behaviors, making them difficult to manage and potentially dangerous.


Bears are powerful and potentially aggressive wild animals. They require specialized care and environments that are difficult to provide in a domestic setting.

Venomous Snakes and Reptiles

Venomous snakes and certain reptiles pose significant health risks due to their venomous bites or toxic secretions. Keeping these animals as pets requires expertise in handling and specialized facilities.