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Building a World Around Digitalization

 A World Around Digitalization

We are in the middle of a massive digital transformation, where companies, employees, and customers are an integral part of it. Digital services can reach even scarce places, ensuring a hassle-free experience for us, and social media is an excellent example of it.

Digitalization is now being leveraged into many industries, such as healthcare, where telemedicine is being offered with the help of AI and IoT. In finance, fintech companies are revolutionizing, and digital paying methods are being incorporated.

Today digitalization has increased beyond our imagination; the services it offers today are endless. It is a continuous journey; as Jeff Bezos says, “In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to reinvent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility; that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create somebody else will replicate.” And these terms – reinvention, agility, and sustainability- impact every facet of digitalization.

Cultural Aspect

Organizations are setting a new culture where the team’s expectations, processes, and values are driven by their company culture. The digital culture defines, amplifies success, and enables people engagement, employee motivation, and business growth. Other business leaders and organizations are following this example to gain proper knowledge and skillsets to help them learn about the digital environment to succeed.

Since the pandemic, companies have been overwhelmed with requests for assistance as they need to be accelerated for digital-first solutions. However, the best enterprises don’t just rely on data; they run on conversations. Today, the most successful businesses have the best and most effective conversations with their customers, partners, and employees. And these changes are happening everywhere.

Existing World for Consumers

Looking at what the consumer experiences as they interact with your business. Think of the different ways they come into contact with you, be it online or offline, and what your products entail.

The question that arises with it comes, “How do your marketing strategies fit into the modern picture of today? What does the retail experience feel like if you have one of them?”

Check that reality meets your intentions by visiting your online or offline store to interview sales or customer contact staff. Turn your ears to your insights into a picture of the current scenario of the world.

Changing Scenarios

With strong digital tools, people are using collaborative tools and spending most of their time on text conversations and video calls. That’s why Zoom in 2020 surpassed 350 million daily participants and had more than 450,000 business customers. Opportunities like these will dramatically impact your business conversation, and companies need to be ready with their digital solutions through sales and marketing.

Given the massive impact between customers and the brand, creating a positive and personal experience is essential. Here, AI and automation can have maximum impact, and the bulk of sales revenue can be created. Despite all this, what’s amazing is how humans have made progress with digital tools, spanning many industries across the globe. And companies continue to bring clarity to the complex world of Digitalization through research and collaboration.

Behind the Scenes

Considering the whole of the business and your supply chain, from the raw materials to customer support. Work with your team to create a diagram showing relationships and information flows between different departments and functions of your company.

Another question that arises is, “The functions of the company soiled, and how do they affect flexibility and resilience during the past few years? Does the department compete for attention, resources, and technology?”

Do think about the people who work here and what they say, feel and do to contribute to the business. How do they describe business and speeds of decision-making, innovation, and planning? What would they comment about the culture of the organization?

The vision of Future Consumer Experience

A world made up of many components and imagining while building a whole new world involving change. Focus on changes from a consumer perspective first. It would be remarkable, magical as well as memorable for their future experiences. How will they meet you for the first time and on subsequent occasions after that? How will their use of your product or service change?

Consider conjuring up a world around customers that actively engage in delights, educates, entertains, and reassures them. If your product or service is too boring or too similar to your competitors, then what would it have to become to a whole new world?

Think how gaming and metaverse might allow your consumers to interact with your company, your brand, and other people. The most memorable experiences and possessions will be virtual. How will the real and the virtual entertainment worlds tell the same story and be connected?

Again, consider a 5–10-year time horizon to create your new world and bring your future vision to life with another picture. Spend time thinking about what has changed between your step 1 picture and the current one.

You can take this world-building exercise much further and prototype the world that you imagine. Design future experiences as apps augmented reality, and models or turn them into videos, podcasts, stories, or galleries of artifacts.

Technology will soon advance much more quickly and converge with entertainment, turning entertainment into a way of life.

You will get used to your preferred digital realities being displayed and processed automatically in the Expandiverse. You will simply appear on multiple screens, multiple identities, and multiple transformed videos, audio, and music feed.

You can traverse a lovely new dawn in your online life.


Going ahead, there is no doubt that Digitalization will carry on changing the world as we know it. The true self of business leaders and organizations will be taken on to a completely different level. The richness of Digitalization is already making its way into all industries. It is about time that we see a world with no more complex/time-consuming tasks and digital helping us at every stage of life and will enhance it in the coming days.